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5 Signs of Dehydration

Being dehydrated is more dangerous than you think. Some have acquired illness when dehydrated and the worst case scenario is dying from dehydration. To avoid this learn if your drinking enough water

Using a Fake Doctors Note

We all have those few days where we don’t wanna get to work, maybe you feel bored or have something special to do, or maybe you just can’t afford to throw a lot of money on a doctor or a hospital; yet, we are obliged to go to work because boredom or having something special […]

Health Tips for Women

Women healths refer to a physical, mental and social well being. In order to look and feel the best at the young age, women should ensure that all the lifestyle and health choices are adhered to. It is very important for women to ensure that they make smart lifestyle and health choices in their daily […]

Sleep Deprivation Effects

Learn what happens to you when deprived of sleep

5 Critical Thinking Improved

Learn to increase you critical thinking.

10 Best Foods when Pregnant

Learn what foods are best for pregnant mothers.

Acquire a Few Inches

Learn to grow taller in the next video.

Sugar Rush

See what sugar can do and how it affects your body.

Estrogen Booster

See how you can boost your estrogen and benefit from it.

Process of Grief

Learn how grieving takes course.